POLL: 33% of Democratic Voters Could Potentially Vote for RFK Jr. as Third Party Candidate in 2024 Election

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 57% of likely Democratic voters would vote for President Joe Biden in the 2024 Democratic primaries, while 25% would vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Just 3% of Democrat voters support author Marianne Williamson in the primaries, while 7% would vote for a different candidate.

If Biden is at the top of the Democratic presidential ticket in 2024 and Republicans nominate former President Donald Trump, while RFK Jr. campaigns as a third party candidate, 33% of Democratic voters say it is likely they would pull the lever for Kennedy, which includes 14% who say it’s very likely.

Among likely voters, RFK Jr. is viewed in a positive light by 49%, which includes 14% with a very favorable view. 

 37% of voters viewed Kennedy unfavorably, which includes 20% with a very unfavorable opinion. 14% are unsure.

41% of Democrat voters have at least a somewhat favorable impression of RFK Jr., in addition to 56% of Republican voters and 49% of independent voters.

25% of all likely voters say that, if Kennedy ran as a third party candidate against Biden and Trump in 2024, it’s at least somewhat likely they’d pull the lever for RFK Jr., which includes 10% who indicated it’s very likely they’d vote for Kennedy. 14% of Republican voters  and 28% of independent  voters say it’s at least somewhat likely they’d vote for RFK Jr. as a third party candidate.

Among independent voters, if they participate in the 2024 Democratic primaries, just 26% would vote for Biden, while 42% would end up voting for Kennedy.

54% of voters under the age of 40 view Kennedy positively, which includes 20% with a very favorable view of him.

RFK Jr. is viewed at least somewhat favorably by 46% of white voters, 51% of black voters, and 56% of non-black minority voters.

Liberals have a less favorable view of Kennedy  compared to bmoters. Among liberal voters, just 31% have a positive opinion of RFK Jr., compared to 45% of moderate voters and 62% of conservative voters.

When it comes to income earners, 58% of voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually have a favorable view of Kennedy, compared to only 34% voters making $200,000 annually.

RFK Jr presents an interesting choice for voters fed up with the political status quo. He is a change of pace from modern-day Democrats who are obsessed with woke policies and race-centric politics. 

In an ideal political system, the likes of RFK Jr. would serve as opposition to America First nationalists. This would be a massive upgrade over the current system. 

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