POLL: 36% of Parents Rate Public Schools Poorly

According to a Rasmussen poll, only 9% of American adults rate the performance of public schools in America today as excellent. 22% rate America’s schools as good, 30% rate them as fair, and 36% gave public schools a poor rating. 

Throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic, people became more attracted to homeschooling. 

62% of parents of school-age youth support homeschooling for children, which includes 27% who strongly approve. 31% disapprove, which includes only 7% who strongly disapprove.

29% of individuals polled are parents of school-age children, of which 49% gave US public schools good or excellent job ratings. 

84% of parents of school-age children send their children to public schools, whereas 12% attend private school and 3% indicated that they homeschool their children.

Broadly speaking, Americans believe public schools in their own community are doing significantly better than those across the nation. 48% believe that the performance of public schools in the community where they live is good or excellent, whereas only 18% rate their local public schools as doing a poor job.

As for partisan views of public education, 59% of Democrat voters rated America’s public schools in a good or excellent light.  By contrast, 16% of Republican voters and 17% of independent voters shared the same ratings. When it comes to parents of school-age children, 74% of Republican voters, 56% of Democrats, and 62% independents are in favor of homeschooling for children.

50% of white voters, 38% of black voters, and 47% of non-black minorities view the performance of US public schools as good or excellent. Blacks are the most likely to support homeschooling among school-age children.

Americans making north of $200,000 annually are most likely to give public schools good or excellent job ratings. With respect to  parents of school-age children, those making annual incomes north of $100,000 are significantly more likely to send their kids to private schools.

Americans have every reason to lose faith in the education system. It has clearly failed in educating the youth. Instead, it’s a system predicated on mass indoctrination to create the next generation of leftist automatons. 

Ultimately, this system of government schooling needs to be scrapped if we want any semblance of cultural and political sanity to return to the US.

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