POLL: 40% of Americans are Financially Worse Off Since Joe Biden Was Installed as President 

According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, four in 10 Americans indicated that their financial situation has worsened since Joe Biden was installed as president. This figure is the highest in ABC News/Washington Post polls going back 37 years. In this poll, Biden had poor performance ratings and poised to be in a tight re-election bid with former president Donald Trump. 

However, both Trump and Biden aren’t really liked by both of their respective constituencies. Roughly six in 10 Democratic-leaning adults don’t want Biden re-nominated as president. Similarly, half of Republicans don’t want Trump to be re-nominated.

So far, 48% of American adults support Donald Trump and 44% are in favor of Biden. The margin is similar among registered voters

Biden’s poor marks are largely due to the economy. 41% indicated that they’re not financially well off since Biden was installed in office. Only 16% stated that they’re financially better off. 

In contrast to Trump, two years into his administration, 13% said they were financially worse off. Moreover, 25% said they were in better shape financially. 

Biden’s overall job ratings stands at 42-53%, approve-disapprove. He only has 37% approval for his management of the economy, 38% with regards to his handling of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and 28% on handling the immigration invasion at the southern border with Mexico. 

Biden is clearly unpopular among American voters for his negligent administration of American affairs. He clearly must be relieved of the burden of holding higher office. However, his replacement must be a true nationalist conservative who will protect the Historic American Nation from domestic subversion and prevent the country from getting entangled in imperial ventures abroad. If this replacement does not meet nationalist criteria, we will have more of the same politically — never-ending wars, open borders, and corporate welfare. 

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