POLL: 40% of Democrats Under 45 Want Biden Replaced as Party Nominee

New polling from Morning Consult shows that 40% of Democrats under the age of 45 want presumptive nominee Joe Biden replaced as the party’s presidential candidate, revealing the former Vice President to be exceptionally weak with young voters for a Democrat.

The poll was published on Monday, surveyed 737 national Democratic voters. The poll respondents were shown a video of Biden’s denial of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations, a former staffer who claims that the former Delaware Senator sexually harassed and assaulted her in 1993.

61% of Democratic voters went on to say that they find Biden’s denial of the allegations credible, and 20% say they don’t know. However, a combined 21% of female Democrats find the denial either not credible or not that credible. 23% of Democrats under 45 express similar sentiment, and the same amount say they don’t know about the credibility of Biden’s allegations.

The polling also goes on to show that the general public has become more broadly skeptical of sexual misconduct claims against public figures and elected officials. Voters were asked if public officials accused of misconduct should resign in both December 2017 and May 2020, and the percentage who answered ‘yes’ declined from 56% to 38%. This change in sentiment is seen among Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

If there is a critical takeaway from the allegations against Joe Biden, it’s that Democrats and liberals may have rediscovered a liking for due process and presumption of innocence. However, the sizable contingent of younger and female voters who view the allegations as credible may prove an electoral thorn to the Democratic nominee.

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