POLL: 48% of Republican Voters Believe the United States Government is Sending Too Much Aid to Ukraine

According to a Wall Street Journal poll published on November 3, 2022, there are growing numbers of Republicans who oppose the United States government’s deluge of economic and military aid to Ukraine.

This poll discovered that 48% of registered Republican respondents said they believe the US government is doing too much to assist Ukraine in fending off Russia’s invasion of the country. This marks a significant increase from the 6% figure from earlier in 2022. 

Only 17% of Republicans in this poll believe that the US isn’t doing enough to assist Ukraine in its fight against Russia. This a significant decrease from the 61% of GOP respondents who expressed similar beliefs back in March.  

Nearly 30% of all respondents believe the US is doing too much to assist Ukraine. 

57% of respondents are still in favor of dumping additional military and economic aid into Ukraine. Whereas, 37% are against the concept. 

The overwhelming majority of registered Democrats — 81% — indicated that they support providing further aid to Ukraine. Only 35% of Republicans and 45% of independent respondents shared similar beliefs. 

It seems that the Republican Party is the closest thing to resembling a vehicle of foreign policy restraint in US politics. However, there is still much work to be done. 

For one, GOP leadership is still stuck on neoconservative time and wants to continue a destructive proxy war in Ukraine. Ultimately, America First patriots will have to knock off neoconservative leaders and their lieutenants at the polls. There comes a point when arguments won’t persuade these parasites, and decisive action at the ballot box must be taken to show these people the door.

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