POLL: 49% of Americans Want ANTIFA Designated as a Terrorist Organization

Iowa Antifa Threatens Violence Against Landlords

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports suggests that American are far less supportive of the mob violence and race riots that have exploded in the nation’s cities than the media seems to assume, with the latter demanding strict obedience and conformity with the demands expressed by George Floyd protestors.

The poll, released Wednesday, shows a strong plurality just short of an outright majority of Americans in support of legally designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organization. 30% of survey respondents disagree, while 22% say they’re undecided. The survey polled more than 1,000 Americans through telephone and online mediums.

Other findings from the poll suggest Americans aren’t on board with the nationwide wave of riot-related violence that has followed George Floyd’s death. 40% of Americans say that the violence that has erupted in multiple cities following Floyd’s death is “legitimate outrage.” 49% disagree, describing the violence as opportunism on the part of criminals taking advantage of the situation.

A majority of Democrats (58%) see the mob violence occurring in cities as a legitimate expression of outrage.

Just 10% of poll respondents say that they think a majority of police officers are racist, although 31% of Americans think law enforcement has responded too aggressively to the riots. 28% believe the authorities haven’t been aggressive enough. 47% of Americans view the law enforcement response as “just right,” indicating the anti-police sentiment acted upon by rioters and protestors is broadly unpopular with the general public.

69% of American likely voters describe politicians raising racial issues as self-serving- “seeking to get elected,” rather than solving real problems.

The poll indicates that there’s a strong silent majority of Americans opposed to the mass wave of racially motivated violence. Republicans eager to cowtow to the protestors’ demands need to consider the strong majority opposed to the chaotic phenomenon.

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