POLL: 52% of Republican Voters Want to Cancel Debates

According to a poll by Rasmussen, 55% of likely United States voters are likely to watch the Republican debate that is slated for November 8, 2023.  This includes 26% who are very likely to watch the debate. 

Moreover, 42% of voters indicated they’re unlikely to watch the next GOP debate, which includes 21% who are not at all likely to watch it. 66% of Republican voters are at least somewhat likely to watch the debate in Miami.

Among Republican voters, 52% believe that “all future debates” should be canceled, which includes 31% who strongly agree.

Former President Donald Trump has not participated in any debates thus far. 48% of likely voters believe Trump should participate in the next debate, whereas 41% believe he should not participate and 11% are unsure. Among Republican voters, 55% stated that Trump should participate in the Miami debate, whereas 33% believe he shouldn’t and 11% are unsure.

55% of white voters, 49% of black voters, and 57% of non-black minorities say they’re at least somewhat likely to watch the November Republican debate. Black voters are much less likely to believe Trump should be involved in the November 8 Miami debate. 

When it comes to income earners, voters making below $50,000 annually are most likely to indicate they’ll watch the next Republican debate. Voters with annual incomes north of $100,000 are more likely to believe Trump should participate in the next debate.

Republican debates are pointless at this juncture. All things considered, none of the Republican candidates — minus Vivek Ramaswamy — embody America First principles like Trump. The former President will likely win the nomination, outside interference notwithstanding. 

That is no longer up for debate. 

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