POLL: 56% of Americans Said Local Crime Has Risen 

Record number of Americans believe that local crime has increased over the last year, per the findings from a new Gallup poll.

In total, 56% of American adults claim that there has been an increase in local crime. Press TV reported that this figure marked “a five point increase over last year.” On the other hand, 76% of Americans believe there is more crime nationally compared to last year.

Per the latest Gallup poll, 73% of Republicans believe crime in their area has risen over the past year. By contrast, 51% of independents and 42% of Democrats expressed a similar statement.

The survey studied 13 different crimes, with six of them rising markedly. Concerns about children’s safety at school has surged by 13%.

On top of that, the poll showed Americans have grown increasingly concerned about suffering sexually assaults, getting mugged, being murder victims, being attacked while driving a car, and being burglarized while staying at home compared to 2021.

The two highest sources of crime that have Americans jittery are computer hacking (75%) and identity theft (73%).

America is on the path to social decline. Its irresponsible political class has created a culture of permissiveness that allows for individuals to engage in anti-social behaviors and has pursued policies that undermine common-sense law enforcement measures and allow for criminals to get back on the streets when they should be firmly behind bars.

If America wants to be truly safe, it needs a law & order exorcism.

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