POLL: 56% of Voters Prefer Government Shutdown

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 56% of likely United States would prefer that the federal government undergo a partial government shutdown until Congress can either slash spending or maintain the current level of spending. Only 34% would support authorizing increased spending in order to avoid a partial shutdown. 

With the US debt standing north of $31 trillion, policymakers have scrambled to find a way to get this situation under control. President Joe Biden has called for tax hikes to address the country’s ever-growing debt problem.  

On the other hand, the majority of voters believe spending is the principal issue at hand here. 66% of voters believe politicians’ refusal to slash government spending is more to blame for the astronomical size of the government’s deficit than taxpayers’ reluctance to cough up more in taxes. 21% believe taxpayers are more to blame for the size of the deficit. Another 13% are unsure.

77% of Republican voters, 52% of Democrat voters, and 71% of independent voters said politicians’ reluctance to cut government spending is more to blame for the federal deficit’s enormous size.

73% of Republican voters and 56% of independent voters would prefer to have a partial government shutdown until Congress can cut spending or maintain the current level of spending. By contrast, only 41% of Democrat voters agree with this sentiment. 50% of Democrat voters would prefer to avoid a partial shutdown by authorizing additional spending. Just 22% of Republican voters and 30% of unaffiliated voters share this sentiment. 

Voters making between $30,000 and $50,000 annually are most likely to support a partial government shutdown as opposed to having Congress give the green light to more government spending.

76% of private sector workers are more likely than retirees (69%) or government employees (54%) to believe politicians’ refusal to decrease government spending is more of the culprit behind the size of the federal deficit.

The American people are clearly in the right by noting that the political class’ reckless spending is the primary factor behind the ballooning national debt that’s afflicting the US. Unfortunately, the DC Swamp continues its fiscally profligate ways. These people only understand political force, so it’s going to take a populist uprising at the polls to clobber these fiscally irresponsible parasites and replace them with politicians who believe in fiscal responsibility. 

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