POLL: 58% of “Very Liberal” Americans Support Destroying Mount Rushmore

A majority of self-identifying “very liberal” Americans would support destroying Mount Rushmore in an act of retribution for the alleged “racism” and cultural ideals the iconic monument represents.

Eric Kaufman, a Canadian academic and author, decided to poll liberal Americans on their support of the widespread cultural destruction occurring throughout the United States at the behest of the state. He asked a polling sample sixteen different questions on the cultural vandalism, among them asking their support for a motion to “respectfully remove the monument to four white male presidents at Mount Rushmore, as they presided over the conquest of Native people and repression of women and minorities.

An easy majority of 58% of “very liberal” Americans support the notion of destroying Mount Rushmore. 44% of “liberal” Americans agree.

The pollster states that he queried 870 Americans, asking them 16 questions on the topic of cultural destruction and leftist antipathy towards American images and statues.

7 in 10 liberals also vocalize their support for a motion to “Move, after public consultation, to a new American constitution that better reflects our diversity as a people.

40% of “very liberal” Americans(a term frankly questionable to describe them with) even support the very premise of “renaming the United States” and replacing the American flag.

Mount Rushmore, a massive bas-relief in the Black Hills of South Dakota, depicts the faces of Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. It’s sometimes described as a modern wonder of the world; and remains one of the most widely known artifacts of American civilization across the world.

Should it be destroyed in accordance with the wishes of a majority of “very liberal” Americans, there’s reason to believe that the civilization affiliated with the iconic American men would be destined for a similar destruction; replaced with a new “progressive” society organized around racial heritage.

Kaufmann summarized his conclusions in detail in a lengthy article, concluding that liberal Americans are widely supportive of left-wing cultural authoritarianism that perceives fundamental elements of historic American society as inherently racist and oppressive.

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