Poll: 58% of Voters Approve of Trump’s Performance on Economy

Trump 58 Economy Poll

A new “Battleground Poll” released Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service reveals that the majority of Americans approve of President Donald J. Trump’s job performance when it comes to the economy.

The poll of 1,000 Americans reveals that 58 per cent of Americans approve of President Trump’s job on the economy, while 57 per cent also approve of the president’s role in creating new jobs for the United States.

It also reveals that voter enthusiasm is already reaching fever pitch. Voters are already as excited to vote as they previously have been in the weeks and days before a major election with 82 per cent of voters saying they are already ready to vote..

Interestingly, while the poll reveals that President Trump is gradually increasing his overall approval rating, and is excelling with voters on specific issues, most voters do not feel the same when it comes to members of Congress.

More respondents trust President Trump to handle jobs, the economy, national security, and taxes than they trust Democrats in Congress.

Republican Congressmen enjoy similar numbers of approval. More respondents trust Republicans on issues including jobs, the economy, and national security than they do their Democrat counterparts.

Additionally, 67 per cent of respondents have an unfavorable opinion of Congress as a whole. Only 25 per cent of respondents have a favorable opinion of Congress.

It is also worth noting that the poll discovered President Trump’s approval and disapproval ratings have remained virtually constant since he joined the 2016 presidential race in June of 2015.


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