POLL: 60% of Population is in Favor of Implementing Gun Control as Opposed to Safeguarding Gun Rights

According to a NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll published at the end of May, 60% of Americans indicated that implementing gun control is more important than protecting the right to bear arms. 88% of Democrats indicated that supporting the passage of gun control is more important, whereas 67% of Republicans said safeguarding gun rights is more important. 

“Inaction by lawmakers in Washington on the issue of guns is clearly out of step with public opinion. In fact, Americans see a host of options to address growing concern over gun violence,” commented Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, in a press release concerning the poll. 

Slightly over 25% of Americans said prohibiting semi-automatic assault weapons sales would “have the most impact on reducing gun violence in the U.S,” and 17% selected mental health background checks for gun purchases. 

13% indicated that passing background checks for gun purchases at private sales would be the best way to tackle gun violence, whereas 12% said passing red flag laws and 10% said teachers carrying firearms in the classroom would best solve this problem. 20% signaled that they don’t believe any of the listed options in the poll would have an effect on gun control. 

Sadly, there is perhaps a growing anti-gun consensus developing in America. One can thank the mass media and public school indoctrination for creating that kind of environment. Unfortunately, this is what happens when the Left is allowed to take over our institutions. There must be a concentrated push back against them if we want to see any semblance of liberty preserved in America.

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