POLL: 69% of Voters Want to Designate Mexican Drug Cartels as Terrorist Organizations

Voters resoundingly believe Mexican drug cartels are a major threat to the United States. As a result, they largely support policies to classify drug cartels as terrorist organizations per findings from a Rasmussen poll

79% of likely US voters believe Mexican drug cartels are a serious threat to the United States, which includes 55% who believe the threat is very serious. Only 16% don’t believe drug cartels constitute a serious threat.  

69% of voters believe the US government should officially classify Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations, while 20% are in disagreement, and an additional 10% are unsure. 72% of Republican voters, 52% of independent voters, and 42% of Democratic voters believe cartels are a very serious threat. 

80% of Republican voters, 65% of Democrat voters, and 63% of independent voters are in favor of labeling the drug cartels as terrorist organizations. 

Voters making below $50,000 annually are more likely than those making higher incomes to indicate that the threat from drug cartels is very serious. 

No question that drug cartels are a major threat to the US. The best way to tackle this threat is by fully securing the border and restricting both illegal and legal immigration. On top of that, the US government should crack down on cartel activity in the US as much as possible. These measures, not invading Mexico, will do more to halt cartel violence. 

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