POLL: 70% Of Ohio Voters Are in Favor Of Implementing E-Verify Legislation

According to a poll conducted by Rasmussen and NumbersUSA, 70% of likely Ohio Voters believe the state should compel all employers to use the federal electronic E-Verify system to help guarantee that they hire only legal workers for American jobs. Just 14% of Ohio voters are against mandating E-Verify, whereas an additional 15% are unsure. 

Ohio’s State House of Representatives is currently debating House Bill 327, which would mandate the use of E-Verify. 84% of Ohio Republican voters, 50% of Democrat voters, and 66% of independent voters believe the state should impose E-Verify.

Mandating the use of E-Verify is popular across the nation, with 69% of American likely voters favoring it in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

The poll found that 75% of male voters, 67% of women voters, 70% of white voters, 73% of black voters, and 67% of other non-white minorities back the state requiring employers to use the federal E-Verify system to help guarantee that they hire only workers who are lawfully able to apply for American jobs.

The poll also found that 73% of Ohio voters agree that hiring illegal workers negatively impacts legal workers by lowering pay, bring about worse working conditions, and making fewer jobs available to residents of Ohio, which includes 50% who strongly agree. Just 21% are in disagreement.

 75% would back a program that let state and local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement to better apprehend, detain, hold and deport criminal illegal aliens, which include 50% who would strongly support such a program. Only 17% would be against it.

56% of Ohio residents would back a state law to slap a fee for money transfers out of the US to assist in lowering remittances – money sent by foreign workers to their countries of origin.

Ohio is one of the premier states in the country when it comes to America First populist inclinations. It makes sense why this is occurring in Ohio due to how it’s the capital of the Rust Belt,

As it has become deindustrialized and hollowed out by globalization, Ohio has grown into the hub for America First values as Ohio residents have grown largely disillusioned with the present political order of mass migration and so-called free trade.  

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