POLL: 73% of Iowa Voters Back E-Verify Legislation

According to a poll jointly carried out by Rasmussen and NumbersUSA, 73% of likely Iowa voters believe the state government  should force all employers to use the electronic E-Verify system to help guarantee that they hire only workers legally eligible for American jobs. Just 14% are against mandating E-Verify, whereas an additional 10% are unsure. 

Back in February, the Iowa State Senate passed a bill that would mandate the use of the E-Verify system. 

89% of Republican voters, 51% of Democrat voters, and 74% of independent voters believe the state should not impose E-Verify.

Mandating the use of E-Verify is popular across the nation, with 69% of likely American voters favoring it in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

79% of male voters, 69% of women voters, 73% of white voters, and 75% of other non-white minority voters support the state mandating employers to use the federal electronic E-Verify system to help ensure that they hire only legal workers for American jobs.

Similarly, 70% of voters agree that hiring illegal workers hurts legal workers by lowering pay, creating worse working conditions, and reducing employment opportunities for Iowans, which includes 47% who strongly agree. Just 26% disagree. 

When it comes to the issue of remittances — money foreign workers send back to their home countries —, 58% of Iowa voters would back a state law to charge a fee for money transfers out of the US to assist in the reduction of remittances.

49% of Iowa voters say that, if their state representative votes against the bill imposing E-Verify, they would be less likely to back  them in the future. Just 20% would be more likely to back their state representative for voting against E-Verify, whereas 22% indicated that it doesn’t matter. Whereas Iowa Democrats are almost evenly divided on this matter, majorities of both 59% or Republicans voters and 52% or independent voters would be less likely to support a state representative who votes nay on the E-Verify bill.

64% of Iowa voters agree that, if the measure mandating employers to use E-Verify becomes law, any business that does not comply with it should lose its license to conduct business in Iowa, which includes 32% who strongly agree. Only 27% are in disagreement. 

77% of Republican voters, 51% of Democrat voters, and 61% of independent voters at least somewhat agree that businesses that refuse to abide by an E-Verify law should be stripped of their Iowa state licenses.

Iowa is a state in Middle America that has been ravaged by the excesses of globalism. It’s understandable why Iowa voters gravitate toward immigration restriction measures. The question is will Iowa’s political class respect the will of the voters? 

Time will only tell.

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