Poll: 73 Percent of Trump Supporters Understand Reality of the ‘Great Replacement’

A new poll shows that 73 percent of Trump supporters understand that the thesis underpinning the “Great Replacement” theory is true.

The recent YouGov poll asked voters the following question: “Do you personally believe that in the U.S., Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Democrats’ views?”

73 percent of pro-Trump respondents answered the question with a definitive “yes” while only 8 percent of Biden supporters responded affirmatively. 61 percent of Republicans, 10 percent of Democrats, and 33 percent of independents said that they understand the basic tenets of the great replacement theory are in effect in America.

Democrats are seizing upon the news to compare Republicans to Nazis and demonize Fox News host Tucker Carlson for pointing out the obvious agenda being perpetuated.

‘Nazi thinking veiled as political banter can no longer go unrecognized,” low IQ Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) told reporters. He is pushing a resolution against the 1st Amendment under the guise of “combating White supremacy, hatred, and racial injustice.”

“These are no longer fringe elements of our society. Great Replacement Theory has gone mainstream thanks to right-wing Republicans like Tucker Carlson who has mentioned this theory more than 400 times,” Bowman added.

Big League Politics has reported on Democrats bragging about the “Great Replacement” being true when they are not deriding Republicans for noticing it is going on:

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) went on the Senate floor and admitted the “Great Replacement” is no conspiracy theory on Monday.

Durbin came out and said what has been obvious for decades, and many conservatives have been called racist for simply pointing out.

“The demographics of America are not on the side of the Republican Party. The new voters in this country are moving away from them, away from Donald Trump, away from their party creed that they preach,” Durbin said.

The senator’s disturbing admission can be seen here:

For many years, Democrats and their allies have denied that they are skewing demographics for the purposes of a permanent political takeover. But as they come nearer to their goals, they are becoming more bold in admitting their sinister plans to destroy traditional America.”

Republicans in the age of Trump are fully aware of the Democrats’ agenda of manipulating demographics for their own power grabs. This is why they allow open border policies. They want to transform America from a Constitutional Republic into a socialist totalitarian hellhole, and replacement is the centerpiece of that ongoing agenda that they are well on their way to accomplishing.

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