POLL: 95% of Americans Support Coronavirus Travel Bans, Trump Approval Highest in Three Years

Americans overwhelmingly support actions taken by President Donald Trump to restrict international travel, according to new polling released by Pew on Friday. American citizens also approve of the President’s job performance in the greatest fashion that they have in three years.

The survey reveals that 95% of Americans support “restricting international travel to the U.S.”

President Trump enacted restrictions on international travel at the beginning of the month, first banning travel from China and ultimately restricting the movement of people from the European Union. China’s veracity in accurately reporting its own coronavirus diagnoses cannot be trusted, but if one accepts their figures at face value, the United States surpassed the virus’ country of origin in diagnosis numbers on Thursday. However, the US has less coronavirus cases per capita than European nations such as Italy and Spain.

The coronavirus epidemic could ultimately prove to negatively impact the image of globalization and the neoliberal vision of free movement and free trade throughout the world. The European Union hesitated to activate a travel ban, ultimately suspending intra-union travel of people for the first time in the EU’s history weeks after the United States activated its travel bans.

The American people appear to be rallying behind the leadership of President Trump as the federal government wages a coordinated effort to contain the unprecedented and grave crisis. 48% of poll respondents indicate that President Trump is doing “an excellent or good job responding to the outbreak.” His overall job performance rating of 45% is the highest figure seen in Pew surveys since around his inauguration.

Americans also widely support the government’s social distancing guidelines, suggesting the general public is skeptical of proposals to send the nation’s workforce back to their jobsites and offices before the viral outbreak is adequately contained.

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