POLL: American Opinion of Israel Has Reached Lowest Point In Two Decades

According to a Gallup poll published on March 4, 2024, United States citizens’ opinions of both Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have deteriorated since the Gaza conflict kicked off on October 7, 2023. That day Hamas launched a brutal attack against Israel. 

“Fifty-eight percent of Americans, down from 68 [percent] last year, have a ‘very’ or ‘mostly favorable’ view of Israel,” Gallup’s report read. “This is the lowest favorable rating for Israel in over two decades. At the same time, positive opinions of the Palestinian Authority have dropped from 26 [percent] to 18 [percent], the lowest since 2015.” 

The pollster called attention to how American citizens have always held a more favorable view of Israel than the Palestinians but that young adults have grown more hostile towards the Jewish state  

“Young adults show the biggest decline in ratings of Israel, dropping from 64 [percent] favorable among 18- to 34-year-olds in 2023 to 38 [percent],” the report continued. “Middle-aged adults (those aged 35 to 54) show a smaller but still significant drop, from 66 [percent] to 55 [percent], while there has been no meaningful change among adults aged 55 and older.” 

Gallup pointed out that the young adult segment population is much more likely to identify as politically independent than older generations. Curiously, independent voters have demonstrated the largest change of opinion on Israel during the last year. Older US citizens are almost twice as likely to give Israel a positive rating than their younger counterparts, 71% to 38% to be specific.  

According to the data,  51% are sympathetic to Israel and 27% to the Palestinians.

52% of American citizens believe the conflict between the Palestinian resistance and Israel poses a significant threat to the US. 

In a similar vein, 38%  of citizens indicated that the current Gaza conflict poses a major threat to vital American interests. 

Time is not on Israel’s side. The youth of the West is not only less white, they’ve also been molded by the Internet, especially social media. In turn, countless people have been exposed to the dirty launch present in Israel and have come to the realization that Israel is a parasitic state that the US should no longer associate with. 

Hopefully, these trends continue to hold. 

The US does not need to be bailing out countries abroad for their foolish domestic policies and quixotic geopolitical ventures abroad.

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