POLL: American Voters Believe Crime is Worsening

Most Americans voters believe crime is worsening nationwide under President Joe Biden’s watch.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll,  60% of likely US voters believe violent crime in America is worsening. 18% believe crime issues are improving nationwide, whereas 21% believe the issue has stayed the same.

41% gave Biden a good or excellent job rating when it comes to tackling crime and  law enforcement issues, while 42% of voters gave Biden a poor rating on crime matters. 

66% of Democrats gave Biden a good or excellent rating for the way he has tackled crime and law enforcement issues. By contrast, 21% of Republican voters and 32% of independent voters hold the same view. 66% of Republicans give Biden a poor rating on crime issues, in addition to 16% of Democrats and 47% of independent voters.

77% of Republican voters, 40% of Democrat voters, and 63% of independent voters believe America’s violent crime problem is worsening.  30% of Democrat voters, 12% of Republican voters, and 10% of independent voters believe crime problems are getting better. 28% of Democratic voters, 10% of Republican voters, and 24% of independent voters said the violent crime problem has stayed the same.

Crime is practically a constant in everyday American life, as American culture has grown permissive towards criminals and has embraced lighter punishments against them. This will inevitably result in the Gothamization of the US where criminals dominate the innocent. This dystopian scenario is well on its way to becoming a reality if we don’t get serious about stopping crime.

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