POLL: Americans Are Divided On Companies Taking Stances on Political and Social Issues

According to a recently released Bentley University/Gallup poll, 52% of American adults disapprove of companies taking public stances on political and social issues. On the other hand, 48% support this posturing. 

Indeed, there is a notable generational gap when it comes to how younger people view corporations’ more activist attitudes towards social and political issues. Per the poll, 59% of individuals18 to 29 years old approve of corporations’ activism. By contrast, 43% of individuals ages 60 and over hold these same views. 

The gap is wider when it comes to partisan leanings. 75% of Democrats want companies to make their beliefs on social and political issues public, compared to merely 18% of Republicans holding these same views. Only 40% of independents want companies making their political and social views public.

As for racial, robust majorities of Asians (74%) and blacks (72%) support corporations getting more active on political issues, whereas only 49% of Hispanics and 41% of whites believe the same. 

On the sex front, women (52%) are more likely to support virtue signaling than men (43%). Corporations going woke is another sign of the cultural decline the US is going through. It also shows how strong the  cultural left has become in the last few decades. They’re capturing all institutions — political and non-political. And they won’t stop until they impose a hegemonic order across all of America.

A serious right wing nationalist government that’s unafraid of using state power prudentially is the only entity capable of restoring order to the US.

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