POLL: Americans are Freaking Out About the China-Russia Alliance

According to a recent Pew Research poll, 83% of American adults continue holding negative views of China. Of these people who view China negatively, 44% have very unfavorable views of it. Nearly 40% of Americans view China as an enemy of the United States as opposed to a competitor or a partner.  Only 14% of Americans hold a positive view of China.

Americans are generally concerned about the role China plays on the world stage, especially on geopolitical matters. They are particularly alarmed by Russia’s growing partnership with China, which 62% of Americans view as a serious problem for the US. 

There’s a transpartisan trend of viewing China in a negative light. 84% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats believe China does not contribute much to peace and stability in the world. Indeed, the American ruling class will try to exploit anti-China sentiment for its looney regime change and interventionist efforts in the next decade or so. 

To be sure, Americans have valid concerns with China. This is a country that weaponizes its migrants to facilitate mass espionage and theft of corporate secrets, while also flouting trade norms. Nevertheless, these developments have largely been facilitated by the US ruling class’s mass migration and trade policies that put America Last and allow for ambitious geopolitical actors such as China to exploit. 

Confronting China in a rational manner that upholds American interests while maintaining peace requires an America First that consists of immigration restriction and trade decoupling. Anything that goes beyond that will likely put the US on a potentially nuclear collision course with China — a doomsday geopolitical scenario if there ever was one. 

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