POLL: Americans Are Growing Receptive to Massive Deportation Programs

According to a poll carried out by Axios Vibes and Harris, 51% of American voters support the mass deportation of illegal aliens. 68% of Republican voters and 40% of black voters — the highest and lowest levels of support for this measure. 

Generationally speaking, 60% of Boomers and older segments of the population support mass deportations. By contrast, 48% of Millennials back such measures.

Overall, half of American voters, which includes 42% of Democrat voters indicated that they support mass deportations of illegal aliens. 

30% of Democrat voters in addition to 46% of Republican voters indicated their support for the abolition of birthright citizenship, something guaranteed under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

The Biden regime has presided over an open borders policy agenda that has allowed millions of illegal alien invaders to cross the US’s southern border with Mexico complete impunity. 

32% of poll respondents stated his regime is “most responsible” for the crisis. In a similar vein, almost two-thirds of American voters indicated that illegal immigration is a serious crisis. 

68% of voters stated that illegal immigration causes big problems in communities, whereas just 27% revealed the same about legal immigration.

Immigration is the existential political question of our epoch. No questions asked. If immigration restriction measures are not passed, the US will cease to exist as a coherent polity. 

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