POLL: Americans are Highly Polarized on the Immigration Question

According to a Gallup poll conducted throughout July, American voters are highly polarized with regards to immigration policy. In this poll, 27% of Americans indicated that immigration should be increased. 31% preferred that immigration be maintained at the current level and 38% want it to be decreased.

In 2020, Americans’ support for increasing immigration reached an all-time high of 34%. In 2021, those figures stood at 33%. 

During that same two-year timeframe, pro-immigration restriction sentiments climbed upwards by 10 points. The all-time low pro-immigration restriction figure was 28%. 

In 1993 and 1995, immigration restriction was at its peak, around 65%. This came against the backdrop of former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan’s decision to chair the US Commission on Immigration Reform in 1995, which recommended stronger restrictions on mass migration in order to protect American workers. Similarly, the Republican Governor of California, Pete Wilson (1991-1999), threw his support behind Prop 187, a ballot initiative that barred illegal aliens from accessing public services. The ballot initiative was passed by California voters by a vote of 59%-41%. Unfortunately, the federal courts struck this proposition down. 

The desire to restrict immigration is largely driven by Republicans. Their preference for restricting immigration grew by 21 points since June 2020, when 48% manifested this sentiment. In the past few decades, views on immigration have become more polarized. In 2008, towards the conclusion of George W. Bush’s presidency, 46% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats wanted to reduce immigration. 

By 2009, this gap broadened to 17 points, which has transformed into a 52 point gap in the present. 69% of Republicans support restricting immigration, whereas only 17% of Democrats support immigration restriction. 

There’s a clear desire for immigration restriction among Republican voters. America First types recognize this. In light of this new data, America First nationalists should ignore the advice of the consultant class who claims that being pro-immigration restriction is electorally toxic.

Instead, they should listen to the complaints of the voters and double down on immigration restriction. It’s not only good politics but an essential move to preserve the demographic integrity of the Historic American Nation.  

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