POLL: Americans Believe Government Workers Have Massive Economic Privilege

In a recently published Rasmussen poll, 47% of American Adults believe  the average government worker makes more annually than the average worker in the private sector. 

23% currently don’t believe government employees get paid more than private sector workers, and an additional 31% are unsure. At the end of September, Biden told Congress that he plans on instituting an average 5.2% wage increase for the majority of civilian federal workers, which would be the largest pay increase since 1981, when President Jimmy Carter gave the green light to a 9.1% pay increase for those workers.

60% of Republican voters, 46% of Democrat voters, and 37% of independent voters believe government employees already receive better compensation than the majority of private sector workers.

55% of Americans believe workers in the private sector work harder than government employees. Only 21% currently believe government employees work harder, while an additional 25% are unsure.

70% of Republican voters believe private sector workers work more diligently than government employees, an opinion that 38% of Democrat voters and 58% of independent voters share.

46% of white voters, 45% of black voters, and 51% of non-black minorities believe the average government worker makes more annually than the average private sector worker. 

Americans making under $50,000 annually are more likely to believe government workers are paid more than those in the private sector. By contrast, individuals earning over $200,000 annually are most likely to believe government employees work harder.

39% of government employees believe they work harder, but only 23% of private sector workers are in agreement.

For Americans who believe private sector workers work harder than government employees, 59% believe government employees receive better compensation.

Overall, government workers in non-critical sectors of the economy are a burden on American taxpayers. These workers hardly do anything productive but they receive lavish compensation for merely breathing.

If we want to save the US from fiscal collapse, government workers must have their compensation slashed substantially.

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