POLL: Are Republicans and Republican-Leaning Independents Gravitating Towards Ron DeSantis Over Donald Trump?

According to a recently published YouGov poll, 42% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents would favor Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over former President Donald Trump to be at the top of the presidential ticket in 2024.

Only 35% of respondents said they would favor Trump over DeSantis.

However, respondents who labeled themselves as “strong Republicans” (45%) were more likely to support a Trump 2024 run over DeSantis, whereas 43% indicated that they prefer the Florida governor. 

Among the Republican-leaning respondents, 45% preferred DeSantis, while only 21% supported Trump in 2024. Of those who described themselves as “not very strong Republicans”, 38% preferred DeSantis, while 31% selected Trump.

This poll emerged following Trump’s choice words for DeSantis. The Florida governor scored a decisive 59.4%-40% victory against Democratic challenger Charlie Crist. DeSantis’ impressive performance has given fuel to Never Trump and generic anti-Trump arguments that the party should move on from the former president.

Among political insiders, DeSantis is now viewed as the most viable challenger to Trump within the GOP.

 following the governor’s resounding midterm victory last week – cementing his position as a top GOP candidate to run against Trump in the 2024 GOP primaries.

At a rally last week, Trump nicknamed the Florida governor “Ron DeSanctimonious.” The former president even published a statement declaring that he was responsible for DeSantis’ political success.  

Trump even hinted at sharing sensitive private information about “that won’t be very flattering” should the Florida governor challenge him in 2024. 

“I think if he runs, he could hurt himself very badly,” declared Trump. He cryptically added that “I know more about him than anybody — other than, perhaps, his wife.”

Ideally, Trump and DeSantis would bury whatever animosity they would have towards each other. There’s no reason to be engaging in petty infighting at a time when the Left is trying to erase the Historic American Nation via mass migration, the propagation of sexual deviancy, and mass indoctrination in all sectors of education. 

Indeed, there are subversive forces in Conservatism Inc. and the conservative media landscape who want to drive a wedge between the political figures. 

DeSantis is an exceptional governor who has transformed Florida into a blood red state when it was previously a battleground state. However, there are unscrupulous actors who will do everything possible to latch on to political movements like the one that DeSantis is pushing and co-opt it to promote a neocon agenda. 

This infighting must stop and the people who are sowing these divisions must be exposed. At this juncture in American history, the Right cannot afford to be divided.  

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