POLL: Bernie Sanders Ties for Lead With Elizabeth Warren in Democratic Primary, Sleepy Joe Biden Plummets

The latest round of polling tracking the Democratic primary shows that Joe Biden has lost significant ground, in the wake of a series of confused gaffes that have left many questioning his lucidity.

A Monmouth University poll released on Monday has revealed that Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is now tied for first place with Elizabeth Warren. The two front-runners each draw 20% support.

Sleepy Joe Biden is only a point behind at 19%, but the polling reveals he’s lost a whopping 13% of his support since a similar poll Monmouth commissioned in June.

Kamala Harris sits well behind the three leading candidates in fourth place, garnering 8% support.

The newest poll suggests that Democratic primary is far from over, as some had assumed due to the geriatric Vice President’s consistent and enduring leads in national polls. The process could be entering a stage where candidates will fight out their differences in a competitive battle for the nomination.

Biden has drawn recent skepticism as a potential Democratic nominee due to a series of mixups that left many questioning whether the career politician was declining cognitively(Biden would be 79 in 2021, the oldest President on Inauguration Day in American history).

Biden seemed unaware what state he was actually in during a campaign event in New Hampshire, speaking about his love for the neighboring state of Vermont.

The (former) campaign frontrunner has rushed to assure the national audience of his mental acuity, asserting that he “wasn’t going nuts” in response to questions about his sharpness.

It’s possible Sanders and Warren could take an increasingly confrontational tone towards one another as the horse race of the primary continues to take shape. Warren has emerged as a surprisingly competitive candidate, espousing many of Sanders’ economic populist positions without embracing the toxic ‘socialist’ label Bernie’s widely known for.

Many Americans will watch intently, drawn with the prospect getting a first-hand look at a real crazy train going off the rails.

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