POLL: California Voters are Strongly in Favor of Parental Rights

Parents don’t lose their rights at the schoolhouse door, according to an overwhelming majority of California voters, most of whom also support laws requiring schools to notify parents if a student identifies as transgender.

According to a Rasmussen poll, 82% of likely voters in California expressed their disagreement with the statement, “A person loses their parental rights when a child enters public school,” which includes 69% who strongly disagree. Only 12% believe parents no longer have rights when their children enter public school. 

84% of California voters would be in favor of legislation that mandates parents to be informed of any significant change in a child’s emotional, mental, or physical health or academic performance, which includes 66% who would strongly back such a law. Only 12% would oppose legislation that requires parental notification. 

If this law featured provisions that involved notifying parents of a child identifying, requesting to identify, or being treated as a gender that doesn’t correspond with their biological sex, 62% of California voters would be more likely to back it, which includes 46% who would be much more likely to back the parental notification law.  27% would be less likely to support such legislation.

69% of California voters support schools informing parents if their child identifies or asks to be identified or treated as a gender that doesn’t correspond with their biological sex, which includes 55% who strongly support parental notification in these instances. Just 23% are against this.

91% of California believe parents, not the state, have a greater responsibility to raise children. 88% support parental notification by school officials if their child’s mental conditions change, such as demonstrating symptoms of depression or suicidal thoughts. 

68% are against teachers and school administrators hiding information about a child’s gender identity from the parents, which includes 55% who strongly oppose such secrecy. Just 24% back schools hiding students’ gender identity from parents.

Even in the bluest of states, voters have some hesitancy towards embracing radical woke policies. This shows that there is still room to work with certain individuals and groups to resist the cultural Left’s radical agenda. 

In light of these trends, America Firsters should avoid the tendency of becoming economically reductionist in their approach to politics and instead lean on the culture wars to build their support base. 

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