POLL: Close to 80% of Americans Support the Boycott of Chinese Products

According to a poll carried out by both the Convention of States Action  and the Trafalgar Group, the majority of respondents back the idea of boycotting Chinese-produced products if it would help the United States confront the CCP’s aggressive actions. 

Per the poll, 78.7% of the voters surveyed indicated that they would be “willing to stop purchasing Chinese products as a means to help counter the aggressive actions of the Chinese Communist Party, and lessen America’s dependence on Chinese manufacturing.” Nearly 10% stated that they would not support the boycott, and 11.4% were unsure. 

There is a bipartisan consensus that the boycott could be beneficial, with 92.1% of Republicans and 74.2% of Democrats supporting such an action. Similarly, 67% of independents indicated that they would be willing to participate in an anti-China boycott.

Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler observed that the poll’s results were in accordance with prior polls on the issue. 

 “Previous polling we conducted have repeatedly shown that Americans are taking the threat from the Chinese Communist Government seriously and want President Biden and the US government to take decisive action in containing the threat from China,” he proclaimed. “What is notable in this poll though is that Americans are so concerned about the threat posed by the Chinese government that they are willing to take action themselves to restrict China’s manufacturing monopoly that feeds the CCP beast.”
Meckler continued by suggesting that the results demonstrated that the US had “reached a national moment of awareness and understanding.”

While confronting China on economic and immigration matters is justified, let’s hope such anti-China sentiments are not channeled for militaristic endeavors directed against it. The last thing the world needs is a great power conflict between two nuclear titans.

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