POLL: Confidence in United States Institutions is Slipping 

Americans have less confidence in major institutions than in 2021. During this timeframe, there were significant declines for 11 out of 16 institutions surveyed. On top of that, there were no improvements for any. 

According to Gallup, the Supreme Court and presidency experienced the most significant declines in confidence. Confidence in the Court declined by 11%, while confidence in the presidency declined by 15% in this period. 

Confidence in certain institutions varies significantly. For example, confidence in small business stood at 68%. By contrast, confidence in Congress stood at a dismal 7%. 

Like small business, the military maintains high confidence (64%) among Americans. 

Confidence in the police fell to 45%. According to Jeffrey M. Jones of Gallup, this was the second time confidence in the police plummeted below the majority level. The other time it experienced such a drop was in 2020, in the weeks following the death of George Floyd. 

All three branches of the federal government have hit new lows in confidence — Congress (7%), the presidency (23%), and the Supreme Court (25%).

Furthermore, the church or organized religion (31%), newspapers (16%), the criminal justice system (14%), big business (14%) and the police (45%) find themselves in low points of confidence. 

Confidence in Big Tech companies is also low (26%).

The growing distrust in institutions at the federal level is unsurprising. We’re currently living in a time when inflation is high, gas prices are surging, crime is on the uptick, the southern border is collapsing due to a massive migrant influx, and geopolitical upheavals are shaking up the world order. 

As the country grows more unstable, one can expect confidence in public institutions to continue to deteriorate. We could perhaps be at a turning point in American history where institutional decline is the norm. 

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