POLL: Donald Trump Enjoys 10-Point Advantage Over Joe Biden In 2024 Presidential Race

According to a Rasmussen poll, 48% of likely United States voters would vote for former Presidential Donald Trump, while 38% of voters would vote for Biden. An additional 10% indicated that they would vote for some other candidate, and 4% remain undecided. 

In a hypothetical three-way race between Biden, Trump and RFK Jr., 40% would pull the lever for Trump, 32% for Biden, and 16% for Kennedy. 

If the 2024 election is a rematch between Biden and Trump, 33% of voters said it is likely they would pull the lever for a third party candidate, which included 16% who stated it’s very likely. 38% of Democrat voters are at least somewhat likely to vote for a third party candidate if 2024 is a rematch, in addition to 25% of Republican voters and 35% of independent voters.

Just 69% of Democratic voters would vote for Biden. By contrast, 81% of Republican voters who would pull the lever for Trump. 

In a three-way race featuring Biden, RFK Jr., and Trump, Biden would only obtain 58% support from Democrat voters, while Kennedy would receive 16%. In a three-way race, 16% of Democrat voters would pull the lever for Trump. By contrast, 9% of Republican voters would vote for Biden.

Among independent voters, Trump holds a 12-point advantage (45% to 33%) over Biden in a two-way race In a three-way race featuring RFK Jr., Trump would pick up 35% of independent voters, while Biden would pick up 26% and Kennedy would pick up 21% of independent voters. 

51% of white voters, 28% of black voters, and 53% of other non-black minority voters would vote for Trump in a 2024 rematch with Biden. By contrast, 38% of white voters, 50% of black voters, and 30% of non-black minorities would vote for Biden. In a three-way race, 12% of white voters, 23% of black voters, and 25% of non-black minorities would vote for RFK Jr.

In a three-way race, Biden receives support from 53% of voters making over $200,000 annually. By contrast, voters making less than $30,000 annually were more supportive of Trump (46%) and Kennedy (19%).

Trump is the clear favorite for 2024. He represents the will of millions of frustrated Americans who no longer trust the Uniparty. Barring any form of electoral tampering, Trump will likely coast to victory. The question is will the powers that be stop him?

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