POLL: Donald Trump Enjoys Lead In 6 Battleground States

According to a Wall Street Journal report, former President Donald Trump is ahead of sitting President Joe Biden in 6 of the 7 battleground states in the 2024 presidential election. Biden has lost support owing to the country’s lagging economic state, the collapsing border and worsening crime situation.

This latest poll of the election’s battleground states shows Trump leading between 2 and 8 percentage points in 6 states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania — on a test ballot that features third party and independent candidates. Trump enjoys similar advantages when voters are asked to choose only between the former president and Biden.

In sum, the poll showcases significant dissatisfaction with Biden among voters in key swing states. Biden’s job performance is viewed in a very negative light in most states. 

When it comes to mental and physical capacities, Trump is rated more favorably at 48% while Biden is only rated at 28%. Black, Hispanic, and young voters — key pillars of Biden support —  have been less supportive of Biden in the polls. 

Trump also enjoys double-digit advantages in every state when voters are asked which candidate can best handle the economy, immigration, and inflation. However, Biden is viewed more favorably on abortion, one of the most polarizing wedge issues in the US. 

Curiously, there is a large segment of undecided voters in this presidential election cycle. 

Roughly one-quarter of voters are either undecided or support third-party and independent candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This segment could swing the election either way at this point. 

This recent poll discovered that voters in swing states are more concentrated on the economy than are voters across the nation. Roughly 35% alluded to the economy and inflation as the most important issues at the polls.

On their financial prospects, most voters in swing states have very negative views. Roughly 68% of the respondents polled indicated that it was becoming harder for the average individual to get ahead. By contrast, only 26% indicated that it was getting easier to financially get ahead. 

As for racial groups, Biden is picking up the support of 68% of black voters, in addition to 48% of Hispanic voters in swing states. 

Biden is apparently slipping in the poll. Nevertheless, Trump and his team should not become politically complacent nor naive. Trump needs to stick to his populist guns and focus on immigration restriction and foreign policy restraint — the two issues that initially brought him to the political dance. 

If he deviates from the America First strategy, he could be in for a rude awakening at the polls.

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