POLL: Donald Trump is Leading Joe Biden in 4 of 6 Critical Battleground States

Former President Donald Trump is ahead of  sitting President Joe Biden in 4 of 6 key swing states in the lead up to the 2024 United States presidential election, per recently published polling from The Telegraph.

Trump is ahead of Biden in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina and is tied with Biden in Michigan. Biden still has a lead in Pennsylvania.  

In Georgia, Trump is leading Biden 43% to 40%. As for Arizona, Trump enjoys a 5 point lead against Biden. Trump enjoys 44% to 39% and 43% to 38% leads against Biden in Florida and North Carolina, respectively. 

The poll also found that Biden’s age has been a major topic of concern for voters.

The majority of poll respondents in the 6 battleground states either agreed or strongly agreed that the sitting president was too old to run for re-election, while less than 50% expressed the same opinion of Trump.

Poll respondents in 6 states also stated, when asked to choose between the two presidential candidates, that Trump “is a strong leader”, “will be tough on China”, “can get the economy going again” and “understands the problems afflicting America”.

With the economy sputtering, the border collapsing, crime on the rise, and the world going up in flames in foreign policy terms, Biden faces an uphill battle for re-election. Trump’s America First message of realism & restraint, coupled with red-blooded nationalism makes him a shoe-in for the 2024 presidential election. At least on paper. 

That could change if Republicans don’t get their act together and make an effort to promote election integrity in the upcoming election cycle. America is heading down a Banana Republic path and the quicker we can pick up on that, the better off we’ll fare in this increasingly chaotic political climate. 

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