Poll: Donald Trump Outperforms Ron DeSantis in Head-to-Head Matchups Against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

A new poll has indicated that Donald J. Trump is stronger in head-to-head matchups against likely 2024 Democrat presidential nominees Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump leads the field of potential Republican presidential candidates in 2024 by a wide margin, with only DeSantis coming within a country mile of Trump’s support. The poll from Harvard/Harris conducted between Jan. 18-19 shows that DeSantis is weaker against potential Democrat candidates in 2024.

The poll shows Trump beating Biden by five points, with 46 percent support to Biden’s 41 percent support. It also shows Trump beating Harris by eight points, receiving 48 percent support while Harris received 40 percent support. DeSantis does not fare as well, beating Biden by only three points. DeSantis gets 42 percent support to Biden’s 39 percent support. He only beats Harris by three points as well, receiving 43 percent support to Harris’ 40 percent support in the poll.

Big League Politics has reported on DeSantis’ being the anointed savior of the America Last Republican Party by the globalist donor class:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is backed by many globalist billionaires at war against America First, and they will certainly be cashing in their favors if DeSantis decides to run for president.

A Twitter user, calling themselves Traditional Catholic, posted an informative thread about the people behind DeSantis. It is a who’s who of America Last financiers who see DeSantis as their vessel to derail Trump populism and return the GOP to the feeble politics of old.

”60% of Ron DeSantis’ donations have come from donations of $50,000 or more. 54% of Donald Trump’s donations have come from donations of less than $200. Just 6% of these donations went to DeSantis. Ron DeSantis is backed by billionaires and the establishment,” Traditional Catholic wrote.

He highlighted venture capitalist Ken Griffin, who has given an incredible $5 million to DeSantis. Griffin is a fierce opponent of America First policies and does not like DeSantis’ populist moves as Florida governor. Still, Griffin thinks he can control DeSantis if he is able to defeat Trump and be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024…

WeatherTech founder David MacNeil also gave $800,000 to DeSantis, and his biggest issue is giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. He opposed Trump in 2020 because of Trump’s immigration patriot stance on stopping illegal immigration…

Wall Street hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones is a billionaire DeSantis backer who has given $1 million to the Florida governor. He is a close friend of convicted Democrat sex offender Harvey Weinstein and helped to fundraise for Barack Hussein Obama back in 2008.”

The myth that DeSantis is a stronger candidate than Trump for 2024 is a ridiculous lie. Trump is once again the candidate who the Republicans must nominate in order to have a chance at national glory.

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