POLL: Evangelicals Are the Most Faithful Religious Group in The Country

According to a Rasmussen poll, 25% of American Adults indicated that they’re Protestant, 22% of voters said they are Roman Catholic, and 15% have some other religious affiliation. Only 3% stated they’re Jewish and 2% are Muslim, whereas 9% are atheists, and 11% are unsure about  their present religious status.

Among adults in the US, 70% said religious faith is an important part of their daily lives, which includes 42% who view faith as very important. 27% said religion is not important to their daily lives, which includes 13% who viewed it as not important.

68% of evangelical Christians noted that their faith is very important in their daily lives. 51% of Protestant voters, 49% of Catholic voters, 44% of Muslims voters and 25% of Jewish voters expressed similar views.

36% of American Adults said they rarely or never participate in services at a church, synagogue or mosque, whereas 23% just occasionally attend religious services. 

An additional 13% attend services either on a monthly basis (5%) or two or three times per month (8%). 22% indicated they attend religious services almost every week or more than once a week, and 5% attend more than per week.

Among individuals who signaled that religious faith is very important in their daily lives, 54% attend services at least once a week, which includes 12% who attend over once per week.

54% of Muslim voters said they attend services at least weekly. By contrast, 45% of evangelical Christians, 35% of Protestants, 31% of Catholics, and 13% of Jews signaled that they participate in religious services at least once a week. 

50% of Republican voters, 42% of Democrat voters, and 34% of independent voters stated religious faith is a very important feature of their daily lives. 

66% of white voters, 82% of black voters, and 71% of other non-white minorites view religious faith at least somewhat important in their daily lives. 

Religion has been declining in the US thanks to the US’s increasingly atomized society in addition to a culture that has become more irreligious on all fronts — from the political to the private sphere. If traditional Western religions die in the US, the replacement religion will be one of big government and institutional anti-white bigotry.

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