POLL: Few Voters Believe South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Can Win the Republican Party Nomination

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott believes his 2024 presidential campaign can lead to his nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate. However, a recent Rasmussen poll found that most American voters don’t believe in Scott’s prospects for winning the nomination. 

According to this poll, only 21% of likely US voters believe Scott is likely to end up being the GOP’s nominee in 2024, which includes only 8% who view a Scott nomination as a very likely prospect. 62% don’t believe it’s likely Scott will receive the 2024 GOP nomination, which includes 32% who indicated it is not at all likely. An additional 16% are unsure. 

43% of voters hold favorable impressions of Scott, which includes 19% who hold a very favorable opinion of him. 33% of voters view Scott in a negative light, which includes 16% with a very unfavorable impression. 24% are unsure.

46% of white voters, 39% of black voters, and 37% of other non-black minorities hold at least a somewhat favorable view of Scott. However, majorities of every racial group believe it’s unlikely that the South Carolina Senator will receive the Republican nomination in 2024. 

51% of government employees have at least a somewhat favorable view of Scott. By contrast, 48% of entrepreneurs, 42% of private sector workers, and 46% of retirees hold similar views. 

Voters making over $200,000 annually tend to be the most supportive of Scott’s presidential bid and believe he has the best chance to win the 2024 GOP nomination.

Tim Scott is clearly the GOP establishment’s choice for the 2024 nomination. However, everyday voters have more nationalist instincts and reject party bosses’ choices for the 2024 nomination. Scott represents the neoconservative/Conservatism Inc status’s quo of mass migration and perpetual intervention abroad. 

Hopefully, such preferences turn into a concrete reality and Scott’s candidacy is fully capsized by the time the 2024 Republican national convention comes around.

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