POLL: Hispanics Support for the Democratic Party has Plummeted by 50% in Last Decade

According to a recently released NBC/Telemundo poll, Hispanic support for the Democratic party has fallen by 50% in the last decade.

Mark Murray, a senior political editor at NBC News, posted a tweet about the results. For perspective, in 2012, Hispanics were in favor Democratic control in Congress over Republicans by a steep margin of 42 points. However, in the current year, that margin narrowed to 21 points. 

Hispanics still favor the Democratic Party by a margin 54% to 33%. Nevertheless, it’s becoming clear that Democrats’ once total control of the Hispanic vote is beginning to slip

This data is in line with a previous poll published by the New York Times/Siena College which pointed to a political realignment taking place among the electorate as college-educated whites are breaking towards the Democratic Party while working class minorities are drifting towards the GOP. 

Indeed, BLP previously reported on Donald Trump’s relatively solid performance with Hispanics in his failed re-election bid in 2020. This occurred even when Trump maintained a relatively solid immigration patriot platform. 

The Trump experience showcased that Hispanics are not totally averse to immigration restriction.

The major lesson here is that Hispancis don’t need to be pandered to, nor should the GOP water down its immigration restriction message to cater to them. 

As long as the GOP maintains its focus on law & order, traditional values, immigraton patriotism, and national restoration, it can cobble together a working class coalition without having to stoop to petty ethnic pandering. 

Nevertheless, any serious GOP campaign in the populist era must do everything possible to turn the white working class vote into a monolithically pro-GOP constituency. Any organization or individual that does not make this a priority cannot be trusted. 

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