POLL: Increasing Number of Republicans Support Former President Donald Trump over the GOP

According to a new NBC News poll, the number of Republicans who prefer backing former president Donald Trump over the Republican Party has increased by 7 points. 

The National Review reported that this increase has taken place over the course of May to August. 

This newly published poll revealed that 41% of Republicans back Trump more than the GOP. By contrast, 50% support the party more than they support Trump. 

Though three months ago, 58% of Republicans supported the party more than Trump. There is now a clear pro-Trump trend inside of the GOP, which reflects a growing sense of dissatisfaction among rank-and-file Republicans, who view the party leadership as feckless.  

The poll in question was carried out between August 12 and August 16, a few days following the FBI’s raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.  

This raid appears to have galvanized Trump supporters who were already losing major amounts of trust with governing institutions. One of the highlights of the Trump presidency was the complete discrediting of the legacy media thanks to his constant observations that it functioned as regime propaganda and did everything possible to undermine his administration. 

America is currently going through an intensely polarized period in its history where people are no longer bothering to have debates and treating political differences and elections as existential matters. Civil society has imploded and people are gravitating towards political tribes that reflect their interests and values. 

Donald Trump and the movement he represents serve as one of the last vestiges of traditional America. With multiple decades of demographic replacement, crystallization of political correctness, and political corruption, people sense that the nation they grew up in is slipping away. 

For whatever flaws he may have, Trump represents the last best chance to preserve the Historic American Nation. That’s the political reality of 2022 and until the day Trump decides to hang up the political gloves.

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