POLL: Is the Biden Regime is Losing Support Among Blacks?

According to a poll by the Wall Street Journal, more black men are considering supporting Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election. Roughly 30% of black males in the poll indicated they were either definitely or probably going to vote for Trump. 

Per the WSJ poll, 11% of black women said they were either definitely or likely going to pull the lever for Trump. 

Curiously, 42% of black women in the poll indicated that they are undecided and could even be receptive to voting for a third party. 

Regardless of the talk of blacks allegedly going to Trump, 57% of black men — a majority — still support Biden over Trump. 

The fact of the matter is that blacks are a solid support base for the Democratic Party due to the fact that the party is a de facto anti-white party. This latest polling could also be misleading. Polls can be cooked in a way that conforms with the biases of political pundits and strategists.

Also, this could be a pay-op designed to get Trump to waste resources on pointless minority outreach when he should be focused on securing the white vote.

At some point, Republicans need to realize that the white vote is still key to winning elections in America

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