POLL: Italians Want to Leave the EU in Increasing Numbers due to Its Lackadaisical Response to the Wuhan Virus

Neonettle reported that Italians are becoming increasingly frustrated with the European Union.

A new poll indicates that more Italians are willing to walk away from the EU due to its lukewarm response to the Wuhan virus.

An increasing number of Italians feel that the EU has left Italy out to dry during the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Similarly, the EU is becoming more unpopular among member nations as negotiations over financial aid have become more heated in Brussels.

Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, and Spain have been petitioning the EU to issue so-called “corona bonds” to stave off the crisis.

The debt from the bonds would be divvied up among all member countries of the EU.

However, Austria, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands, colloquially known as the “Frugal Four,” are rejecting this proposal.

Instead, the “Frugal Four” are calling for activating the European Stability Mechanism. This would give member states the ability to take out loans in the form of bond purchases from the European Central Bank.

According to a new poll that the Tecne Institute carried out earlier this month, 49 percent of Italians now have desires to leave the EU and the Eurozone altogether.

This poll’s findings mark a 20 percent increase from the last time the poll was conducted 18 months ago.

Furthermore, another survey conducted by Termometro discovered that approximately 40 percent of Italians want to leave both the EU and the Eurozone, according to report by Il Sussidiario.

Additionally, the Tecne poll found that only 40.9 percent of Italian respondents want to stay in the European Union.

Neonettle noted that the “remaining 10 percent either want Italy to only leave the Eurozone or in some cases, for Italy to remain in the Eurozone but leave the EU.”

If an “Italexit” were to be held today, these numbers indicate that Italy could be on its way out of the EU.

Lega Party MEP Antonio Maria Rinaldi, asserted last week that Germany was carrying out a “diabolical plan” by urging the Netherlands to reject the “corona bonds” measure. Rinaldi believes that Germany wants to completely scuttle this proposal.

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