POLL: Majority of Americans are Against Big Tech Censorship Ahead of the 2022 Midterms

The majority of people are against Big Tech’s efforts to censor political discourse ahead of the 2022 midterms set to take place on November 8, 2022.

According to a poll conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research, discovered that two-thirds of voters are against Big Tech’s censorship of political content as the midterms quickly approach.

Those polled were asked the following: “Do you approve or disapprove of Big Tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google censoring news stories and preventing users from sharing articles and information related to the upcoming election in November?”

66% of those polled indicated that they are against the censorship of political content by Big Tech companies. Just 24% stated they are in favor of censorship, while the rest of the respondents were on the fence or did not express an opinion on the matter.

44% of individuals who identified as Democrats were against the censorship while 39% supported it.

51% of respondents who have a favorable opinion of Joe Biden’s performance are against censorship, whereas 35% back it. 

In addition, the survey asked respondents if they “trust the corporate news media to tell the truth” or if the corporate media “misrepresent the facts to push a political agenda.”

77% of respondents indicated that the media does not tell the truth, with only 13% signaling they believe the message the media is conveying. With regards to political affiliation, 59% of Democrats, 79% of independents, and 91% of Republicans replied that they do not believe the media’s reporting of events is truthful.

Overall, there are clear anti-corporate media and Big Tech sentiments among the American populace. And for good reason. These institutions are as corrupt as they come. 

Hopefully, alternative media puts corporate media to rest. The death of corporate media and the reining in of Big Tech would make dissident activism so much easier.

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