POLL: Majority of Americans Believe They Pay Too Much in Taxes 

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 51% of American adults indicated that they pay too much in taxes. Only 26% believe that they don’t pay more than their fair share, while 22% are unsure. 

There is still a perception that the rich aren’t paying their fair share in taxes. 44% of Americans believe individuals earning double what they do aren’t paying twice as much in taxes. Just 30% believe individuals earning twice as much are paying at least double the taxes they do, which includes 8% who think they’re paying more than twice as much. 27% are unsure.

Similarly, substantial portions of Americans don’t believe individuals making less are paying their fair share of taxes. 38% indicated that someone who makes half as much pays less than half as much in taxes. By contrast, 24% believe that those individuals actually pay half as much. 14% believe individuals earning half as much pay more than half as much in taxes. An additional 24% are unsure. 

53% of Democrats, 52% of Republicans, and 49% of independent voters believe they pay more than their fair share of taxes. 50% of Democrats, 45% of Republicans, and 38% independent voters believe that individuals making twice as much are paying less than twice as much in taxes.  

49% of whites, 56% of blacks, and 56% of non-black minorities believe they pay more than their share in taxes. 

Overall, Americans are taxed too much when considering how burdensome and byzantine the federal income tax system has become. Moreover, if you live in a blue state, your tax burden will likely be worse. 

Americans have every reason to complain about their tax burden to the increasingly corrupt government they have to fund. To maintain its republican roots and ensure economic prosperity, the US must completely scrap its federal tax system and devolve that power to the states.

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