POLL: Majority of Americans Still Oppose Military Draft

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, fewer than 25% of Americans support the military draft. 

The poll showed that 23% of American adults believe that the US should have a military draft. 61% don’t see the need for a draft, whereas 14% are unsure. Back in 2019, 30% of likely voters were in favor of a draft. 

The US military is currently facing recruitment problems, with the Army projecting to reduce its forces by 28,000 troops in 2022

Despite these declining numbers in the military, Americans are firmly opposed to universal conscription. And this trend cuts across partisan lines. For example, 53% of Republicans, 62% of Democrats, and 65% of independent voters are against the military draft.

The majority of men (56%) and women (65%) are against a military draft. As for race, blacks (65%), whites (62%), and other non-white minorities (54%) are against conscription. 

All in all, there are strong sentiments against the military draft. This is a white pill for American First. The everyday American is against conscription, especially at a time when there’s a foreign policy decision-making class who is fanatically committed to pursuing war abroad against nuclear powers such as China and Russia.

It’s clear that the US’s militarism and wacky foreign policy machinations are elite manufactured positions. Ultimately, there needs to be a change of elites and the ushering of new elites with more restrained foreign policy views to see more productive foreign policy changes. This will ensure that our bravest fighters are not sent to a meat grinder of a conflict in Eurasia. 

The way to attain this vision is by having America First candidates take over in Congress and America First intellectuals and professionals building parallel institutions to counter the foreign policy Blob.

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