POLL: Majority of Americans Support Common Sense Immigration Restriction

New polling from Rasmussen shows robust support for immigration restriction policies among the American people, with a strong plurality supporting permanent significant reductions in overall immigration levels in light of the coronavirus recession, and a majority of Americans supporting slowing down immigration-driven population increases.


A strong 47% of Americans support immigration levels that are reduced from the yearly average of nearly 1,200,000 new immigrants per year, with 33% of Americans(the most popular response) favoring immigration policies that would reduce authorized immigration levels below 500,000, and 14% favoring immigration policy that would admit 750,000 immigrants per year.

Additionally, a solid majority of Americans support outright eliminating chain migration policies that enable immigrants to bring over their extended family and their spouse’s family to the United States.

A strong majority of 62% of Americans support enforcing a federal E-Verify program that would prevent illegal aliens from accessing American jobs. 37% of Americans think the federal government is doing “too little” to secure the southern border even after President Trump’s border security reforms, with 20% thinking existing policies are “just right” and 33% thinking the government is doing “too much.”

The only liberal immigration policy proposal that the public seems to support is providing an amnesty to illegal aliens who were brought to the country as minors. This population of two million aliens is already eligible for amnesty under the DACA program, which remains in place after the Supreme Court overthrew a Trump administration regulation abolishing it.

A combined majority of 53% of Americans support immigration policies that would either “slow down” existing immigration-driven population growth or halt it entirely. 39% of Americans support the former, and 14% support the latter. 63% percent of Americans reject the notion that the government should admit foreign workers to fill American jobs, insisting that businesses instead should raise wages for American workers.

Corporate libertarian and neoliberal groups have claimed that American public opinion has shifted in support of immigration during the Trump presidency, an assertion that appears to be false judging from the new Rasmussen poll.

The survey of 1,250 national likely voters was conducted from August 9th to 13th.

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