POLL: Majority of Democrats Don’t Want Congress to Certify Election If Trump Comes Out Victorious

According to a Rasmussen and The National Pulse poll, 35% of likely United States voters said if Trump wins the 2024 presidential election they would support Democrats in Congress who refuse to certify the results of the election, which includes 20% who would strongly back such a move. 55% of voters oppose members of Congress refusing to certify a Trump victory, which includes 44% who strongly oppose the concept. An additional 10% are unsure.

57% of Democratic voters would be in favor of such a move, which includes 34% who strongly support it. That said, the idea of Congress preventing Trump from running for office is opposed by 78% of Republican voters and 67% of independent voters.

61% of likely voters agree with the Supreme Court’s decision that states cannot ban Trump from appearing on election ballots, which includes 46% who strongly agree. 

34% disagree with the Supreme Court decision, which includes 22% who strongly disagree.

80% of Republican voters at least somewhat agree with the Supreme Court’s decision that determined that states can’t remove Trump off the ballot, in addition to 43% of Democrat voters and 63% of independent voters. 52% of Democrat voters disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling, which includes 34% who strongly disagree with the ruling.

The US is clearly experiencing a strong degree of instability and low levels of trust in its political system. If things continue this way, the US is going to be in for multiple decades of political unrest and even systemic collapse. 

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