POLL: Majority of Europeans View Illegal Immigration as Primary Concern

According to a poll conducted by the Hungarian Századvég Foundation, a large majority of Europeans believe illegal immigration is a major concern, while also believing Christian culture and traditions are still worth preserving. 

The 2022 Europe Project poll the Századvég Foundation carried out found that 78% are worried about the continuous influx of illegal immigrants into Europe. Similarly, 56% believe it’s important to preserve Europe’s Christian heritage.   

Sweden, the posterchild of progressive governance, has constituents that are highly concerned with mass migration at 78%. Similarly, countries such as Germany (75%), France (73%), and the Netherlands (68%) expressed high levels of concerns with mass migration. 

In France and the United Kingdom, citizens supported preserving Christian culture, at 52% and 55% respectively — levels too close for comfort.  

65% of citizens in former Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union countries believed that the preservation of Christian culture was of high importance. 

Indeed, the West finds itself in a crisis moment. Its elites have bought into the secular religion of multiculturalism which is gradually erasing the national character of the many historical nations of the West. 

Civilizational eradication is undoubtedly in the cards if leaders across the West don’t get their act together and put the clamps on mass migration.  Those are stakes in 2023 and beyond. Hopefully, the next generation of leaders steps up to this challenge. Future generations are counting on our leaders to get this question right

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