POLL: Majority of Germans Oppose Mass Migration

According to a poll by INSA, which was commissioned by the German news outlet Bild, 68.3% of German respondents were worried about the rising numbers of asylum seekers.

By contrast, only 23.5% of respondents hold “relaxed” views of the rising immigration numbers in Germany.

This poll comes in light of a new German citizenship law that was put forward which would fundamentally transform Germany’s demographics. 

According to Remix News, the government of Chancellor Olaf Scholz is pushing several proposals to allow for 500,000 migrants to enter the country annually, liberalizing citizenship laws, and a mass amnesty plan that would immediately grant citizenship to 2 million illegal aliens. 

In 2022 alone, the country had imported 1.2 million migrants. Such an alarming influx of migrants compelled 12 of Germany’s 16 federal states to stop the importation of refugees due to daycare, housing, and schools being completely flooded by refugees. 

This poll also illustrated how few Germans actually believe that mass migration is beneficial to the country. Just 16.3% indicated that Germany benefits from the current mass migration wave. An additional 31.4% indicated that the advantages and disadvantages of mass migration canceled each other out for Germany. That said, 48.4% of respondents stated that socio-economic conditions would worsen due to the current mass migration rates. 

Poll respondents were especially fearful of immigration from Islamic countries. Nearly half of respondents indicated that it was “rather bad” when nationals from Islamic countries migrate to Germany. Only 16% said that Islamic migration was a net positive for Germany. 

Although Germany doesn’t receive as much coverage as countries such as France and the United Kingdom when it comes to mass migration affecting its culture, its current experience with the matter shows the nearly universal nature of this crisis taking place across the West. The globalist ruling classes of the Collective West have brought about this existential crisis in the name of promoting diversity aka displacing native European populations and for the interests of big business who constantly desires cheap labor. 

It’s going to take a nationalist takeover of Western political structures for any patriotic immigration reforms to take place. Should Western countries fail to contain the mass migration scourge, these societies will cease to exist. 

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