POLL: Majority of Gun Owners View Gun Control as a Slippery Slope to Civilian Disarmament

According to a poll conducted by NPR/Ipsos, the majority of gun owners believe the passage of additional gun control legislation is a slippery slope to gun confiscation.

NPR posted the findings, which demonstrated that 53% of gun owners believe “passing new gun control laws is a slippery slope toward taking away all guns.”

Furthermore, the poll shows that the majority of firearms owners believe “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

There are stark differences between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to their views on gun confiscation. Only 16% of Democrats believe gun control is the first step towards gun confiscation. Only 19% of Democrats believe a good guy with a gun is capable of stopping an armed assailant. 

By contrast, 73% of Republicans believe gun control leads to confiscation and 69% of Republicans believe good guys with firearms can stop armed criminals. 

In the poll, 80% of firearms owners said they own firearms for the purposes of self-defense. 

As AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News noted, there has been a growing pro-Second Amendment reaction to Gun Control Inc. over the last year. One needn’t look further to the success of Constitutional Carry, recent Supreme Court rulings, and increased gun sales to see that the Second Amendment is alive and well.

This is owing to the emergence of Gun Culture 2.0 where people are purchasing firearms for self-defense both at home and in public in the wake of growing social upheaval. Many groups not generally associated with gun ownership — minorities, women, and LGBT individuals — are arming themselves at a time when politicians are letting criminals run loose and police are not carrying out basic public security functions. 

As a result, it has become much harder for Gun Control Inc. to impose gun-grabbing legislation even in blue states. The Right needs to continue pushing the pro-gun momentum forward and start nullifying unconstitutional federal laws and creating a separation of firearms and state at the state level. 

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