POLL: Majority of Republican Voters Want to Impeach President Joe Biden 

According to a Rasmussen poll released earlier this month, the majority of likely United States voters support impeaching Joe Biden.

The poll found that 52% of likely US voters support impeaching Biden, which includes 38% who strongly support this move.

42% are opposed to impeaching Biden, which includes 30% who strongly oppose the move.

77% of Republican voters, 32% of Democrats, and 50% of independent voters at least somewhat back Biden’s impeachment.

Should the GOP win a majority in the United States House during the midterms set to take place on November 8, 2022, 47% of voters believe it is likely Republicans will impeach Biden. Of these voters, 21% believe impeachment is very likely. 43% don’t believe Republicans are likely to impeach Biden, which includes 17% who believe it’s unlikely, while an additional 10% are unsure.

61% of Republican voters believe that it’s somewhat likely Republicans will impeach Biden if they come out victorious in November. However, only 37% of Democrats and 44% independent voters believe it’s likely that impeachment will happen.

As far as race is concerned, 54% of whites, 38% of black, and 60% of other non-white minority voters somewhat favor impeaching Biden.

A majority of voters making less than $100,000 support impeaching Biden. However, only 34% of individuals making more than  $200,000 annually somewhat support impeaching Biden.

Overall, Biden should be impeached for his derelict border security policies and his commitment to electing a new people through mass migration, among other issues.  Biden must be relieved of the burden of holding higher office. Impeachment is just one of several ways to do so.


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