POLL: Majority of Voters Believe Feds Incited the January 6 Riots

After Tucker Carlson’s release of previously unseen video footage from the January 6 storming of the United States Capitol, the majority of voters believe that this incident was provoked by undercover federal agents. 

According to a Rasmussen poll, 65% of likely US voters believe that undercover government agents likely helped stoke the January riot, which includes 46% who believe it is very likely. 26% don’t believe it is likely the riot was provoked by government agents, which includes 12% who believe it is “Not At All Likely.”

67% of voters indicated that they have closely followed recent news about the riot footage, which includes 39% who have very closely followed the news. 29% haven’t closely followed news about Carlson’s broadcast of the videos.

32% of respondents indicated that Carlson’ videos of the January 6 riot made them more likely to believe that supporters of former President Donald Trump participated in an illegal insurrection. Similarly, an additional 32% are less likely to believe Trump supporters were actively involved in an insurrection. 31% of those surveyed said the new videos have not changed their opinion much about the Capitol riot.

74% of Republican voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that undercover federal agents helped incite the January 6 riot, in addition to 59% of Democrat voters and 62% of independent voters.

Although 45% of Democrat voters said the new videos of the January 6 Capitol riot made them more likely to believe Trump supporters were participating in an illegal insurrection on January 6, 2021, 41% of Republican voters revealed that the video footage made them less likely to believe that the incident was an insurrection. Among independent voters, 32% are less likely and 24% are more likely to believe the J6 incident was an illegal insurrection, while 38% indicated that the new videos have not changed their opinion much. 

62% of white voters, 65% of black voters, and 75% of non-white minorities believe that it is at least somewhat likely that federal agents played a role in inciting the January 6 riot. 

The powers that be don’t want the truth about January 6 to go out. Hence, their moves to jail many peaceful protestors involved on that day and their efforts to deplatform right-wing creators who dare speak out about this incident. 

Hopefully, the Right continues to put out content about this incident and build pressure on elected officials to get the government to reveal the truth about January 6.

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