POLL: Majority of Voters Don’t Believe Biden Regime Has Improved US-Israel Relations

The majority of United States voters still view Israel as an ally. However, they don’t believe President Joe Biden has strengthened the alliance.

Per a recent Rasmussen poll, 14% of likely United States voters believe America’s relations with Israel have improved since Biden was installed as president. 44% of likely US voters believe American-Israeli relations have worsened, whereas 32% indicated that America’s relationship with Israel has stayed the same since Biden was installed in office. An additional 11% are unsure. 

51% of voters deem Israel an ally of the US, while only 8% view Israel as an enemy.  42% of Democrat voters, 64% of Republican voters, and 49% of independent voters view Israel as a US ally.

23% of Democrat voters believe US relations with Israel have improved since Biden was installed as president. 8% of Republican voters and 10% of independent voters hold that same belief. 69% of Republican voters and 46% of independent voters believe American-Israeli relations have worsened since Biden was installed in office, and 19% of Democrats are in agreement.

27% of likely voters believe that, generally speaking, the United States is not supportive enough of Israel, whereas 24% indicated that the US is too pro-Israel. 36% believe America’s support for Israel is adequate and an additional 12% are unsure. 

43% of Republican voters, 15% of Democrat voters, and 24% of independent voters currently believe the United States does not support Israel enough. 32% of Democrats voters, 15% of Republican voters, and 26% of independent voters believe the US is too supportive of Israel. 41% of Democrat voters, 33% of Republican voters, and 34% of independent voters believe the level of American support for Israel is adequate.

56% of white voters, 32% of black voters, and 46% of non-black minorities view Israel as a US ally. 

Just 33% of liberal voters view Israel as an ally of the US. By contrast,  46% of moderate voters and 68% of conservative voters hold this view.

Israel is going through a tense political movement as the political Right has gained control of its political scene. The result could be Israel transforming into an ethno-religious regime with illiberal tendencies.

However, Israeli domestic politics is none of the US’s concern. Moreover, the US needs to reconsider it relationship with Israel which is filled with all manner of controversy due to Israel’s penchant for taking US military technology and selling it to foreign actors and the overall entangling nature of this alliance. The latter factor could draw the US into a protracted conflict on the Middle East — a region teeming with political instability.

At this point, the US needs to completely rethink its relationship with Israel and start treating it like a normal nation. 

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